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Your gateway to fully interactive VR

Employee and customer training, remote maintenance assistance, project planning, remote collaboration, facility walk-throughs, safety exercises and new product introductions are just some customer use cases.

Cloudberrie converts in seconds your 3D files to game-quality, real-time, interactive virtual reality environments. Cloudberrie’s Behavior System makes any object in your VR environment “playable” by your target audience. Our Scenario Creator makes it fast and easy for you to make playable sequence of events. Light presets, material library and drag and drop asset library gives everything a realistic feeling. All without being an artist or coder.

Cloudberrie delivers unprecedented graphics quality and performance every time. View in VR with a single click to share, collaborate or just experience your work in immersive, realistic virtual reality.


  • Automatic 3D CAD file conversion to interactive VR environments
  • Real-time 3D graphics
  • Automatic file optimization
  • Click & apply light and material presets
  • Moods presets (skybox, directional light, post process)
  • Drag & drop active asset libraries
  • Drag & drop active avatar (NPC) libraries
  • Single-click publish to VR
  • Collaboration ready with multiplayer and VOIP for collaboration across locations
  • Include information anywhere inside a VR scene (image, text, video)
  • User access administration for your shared VR environment
  • Easy scene sequence setup


  • Create interactive VR environments quickly and at low cost without needing specialist teams
  • Instant immersive experience of your 3D designs
  • Click & share – remote collaboration with colleagues and partners
  • Higher recall – better results when training in VR.
  • Service can cut travel costs and time-to-resolution by conducting remote assistance
  • Instantly create VR twins of your projects for planning, troubleshooting, marketing, sales or other needs
  • Easily create simulations to “stress-test” your projects by setting up interactive scenes using our active asset and avatar libraries
  • Get your employees familiar with their new facilities or work by creating realistic and informative walk-throughs
  • Always optimized so you are comfortable in the virtual environment
  • Always high quality graphics to match the real world

Pricing: $499 per month.

One floating license* gives you access to all Cloudberrie features to create 1 Virtual Reality (VR) project. You can share your VR project with as many as you like, but only 4 simultaneously. They will see each other as avatars within your project. You may add VR environments by paying the fee of $499 per month payable annually within 14-days from the day a new VR project is started.

After you download and sign in to the software you will receive an invoice. You must pay that invoice within 14-days for Cloudberrie to stay active.

Scandinavia: NOK 4 990 per month
EU: € 499 per month
World: $499 per month

All license fees are invoiced annually.

* A Floating License is an on-premise license that can be shared by employees within the same entity, but only used by one person at a time.

System requirements


Supported 3D file formats: IFC, STEP, glTF

Minimum system requirements

Windows 10 and up
Intel i7-9700K
NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 or greater
5 GB available space

Works on all VR headsets supported by Steam VR.

Recommended system requirements

Windows 10 and up
Intel i7-10875H
NVIDIA Geforce RTX 3070 or greater
10 GB available space

Works on all VR headsets supported by Steam VR.

Works on all VR headsets supported by Steam VR.


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